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Latvia under the Rule of the Soviet Union and National Socialist Germany 1939–1991

This is a story about the Latvian nation and Latvian state that it founded on 18 November 1918, fought for, and built on its ancestral land as the German and Russian empires collapsed at the end of the First World War.
This is a story of the conspiracy between Communist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, known as the Hitler – Stalin pact, signed on 23 August 1939.
This is a story of three occupations – the Soviet occupation, 1940–1941, Second World War, Nazi Germany occupation, 1941–1944/1945, Soviet occupation, 1944/1945–1991, – that dismantled the Latvian state, defiled the land, and, within half a century, brought the nation to the brink of extinction.
This is a story about oppression, terror, and violence; about defiance, resistance, and heroism; but also – about helplessness, fear, and betrayal.
Above all, however, this is a story of the stamina and spiritual strength that allowed the Latvian nation to renew the Latvian state and to re-join the world community of independent countries.

Responsible for:
Concept and content of the exhibition – Museum of the Occupation of Latvia and Occupation Museum Association of Latvia
Concept, design, and construction of the exhibition – H2E Design Studio
The exhibition was opened on 30 May 2022.