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Museum representatives overseas

  • USA

    USA: Since 1996, the Latvian 50 Year Occupation Museum Fund Support Group (OMFA) solicits and collects donations for the Museum. Its President is Irēne Lazda (irenelazda@gmail.com).

    The Support Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit benevolent organization, and donations are tax-exempt. To donate, please, write checks to OMFA and mail them to Ilze Resnis, 10930 Nollwood Drive, Chardon, OH 44024, USA. (ilze48@yahoo.com). Donations can also be made using PayPal: http://donate.omfa-usa.org.
    OMFA Board Members: President Irēne Lazda, Vice-President Eriks Kākulis, Treasurer Ilze Resnis, Registered Agent (legal consultant) Juris Kīns, Secretary Juris Mežinskis, Daina Albertiņa, Arturs Grava, Andrejs Lazda, Paulis Lazda, Ivars Petrovskis, Ints Rupners, Vaira Pelēķis Christopher.

  • Australia

    Australia: The representative is Ināra Strungs (strungslewis@gmail.com). To donate, please, write checks to “SLS Okupacijas muzejs” and send them to Ināra Strungs, 8/21 Island St., Cleveland, QLD 4163, Australia. A donation can also be deposited in the Museum account: BSB 704235, Account No. 00017209. Please inform the representative about such donations.

  • Canada

    Canada: To donate, please write checks to LRDF (Latvian Relief and Development Fund) with the note: ‘for the Occupation Museum’. The donations can be deducted from Canadian Federal taxes.

    Temporary representative Arnis Markitants, LRDF treasurer


  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom: The representative is Inese A. Smith (inese.smith@btinternet.co). Please send donations to Inese A. Smith, 44 Leconfield Road, Loughborough, LE11 3SQ, United Kingdom.