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Victims of Totalitarianism were commemorated in the Conference “Molotov-­Ribbentrop 75: Echoes Today”


Representatives of the Museum of Occupation of Latvia and The Platform of European Memory and Conscience participated in the Conference “Molotov-­Ribbentrop 75: Echoes Today” organized by the Latvian Ministry of Justice and the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia and opened the international travelling exhibition “Totalitarianism in Europe” in Riga on 22-­23 August. Platform members joined EU Ministers of Justice in lighting candles in commemoration of the victims of totalitarianism. 

The conference brought together scholars, experts, journalists and politicians to discuss the legacy of the Molotov-­‐Ribbentrop Pact, signed 75 years ago, that split Europe into Nazi and Soviet spheres of influence. Conference presenters and participants underscored the need for increased awareness of totalitarian crimes and justice for victims. Digitization of formerly classified archival documents was identified as a crucial step toward advancing research on the totalitarian past and strengthening educational and awareness raising efforts.

The Platform joined EU Ministers of Justice, the Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Members of the European Parliament, and community members in a candle-­‐lighting ceremony for the victims of totalitarianism held at the “Corner House”, the former KGB building in Riga. The event was attended by about 200 people and was covered by the national media.

The Platform´s travelling exhibition “Totalitarianism in Europe” opened as a part of the event. It will be presented by the Museum of Occupation in Riga until the end of September 2014.

Valters Nollendorfs "The Consequences of the Crimes of Totalitarian Regimes Today: Victims, Occupation and Their Echoes in Present-Day Europe"

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