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Historians’ Colloquium on 21 June


On 21 June, the Museum presented a colloquium for historians on Defining Latvia's Post-war National Partisans. Reinis Ratnieks gave the introductory presentation and Jānis Viļums commented.

The aim of the colloquium was to evaluate popular definitions used to describe national partisans in Latvian historiography and to analyse alternative possibilities. After WWII, the national partisans have been viewed in Latvian historiography as members of armed and organized groups carrying out irregular operations against the occupation regime. This reflects the most visible and significant part of the national armed resistance but neglects other forms of partisan activity.

The colloquium was a part of the project Archaeology of Independence: New Approaches to the National History of Resistance in Latvia that is supported by the Latvian Council of Science (project no. VPP-LETONIKA-2021/2-0003).

Additional information: 29337388.

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