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Former prisoners tell about CHEKA


Eye-witness accounts about imprisonment in the former KGB building of Riga Latvia. Video recordings shown in the KGB Building aka the Corner House (Stūra māja).

The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia demonstrates eye-witness accounts in its exhibition in the Corner House about imprisonment in the CHEKA for resisting the Soviet occupation. This video material shows six personal experiences at the KGB from 1945 to mid-1980's. The videos have subtitles in English. The entrance to the exhibition and videos is free of charge.

The video material contains testimonies of Harijs Ruks, who was sentenced in 1945 for armed resistance against the Soviet regime, Mirdza Barbaka, sentenced in 1946 for supporting the National partisans, and Ieva Lase (Birgere), who knew French and  together with some other people discussed French literature in private homes.  There are also testimonies of Dailis Rijnieks and Uldis Ofkants, sentenced in 1962 due to claims of storing and distributing anti-Soviet literature, as well as the testimony in 1983 of Jānis Rožkalns, accused of anti-Soviet campaigning.

These eye-witness accounts have been produced by the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia using materials from its video archive. 

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