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Appeal to Russian women by Tatiana Osipova (Kovaleva), Lidiya Doronina-Lasmane, Lagle Parek


Dear Women of Russia!

We, former inmates of the Mordovian political labor camp are shocked by Russia’s treacherous attack on Ukraine.

Our hearts ache for Russian and Ukrainian soldiers, who are virtually still children,  dying for Putin’s great-power interests. Already thousands of young people have been killed who have not managed to create families; you will not see the grandchildren you could have had. We weep when we see a little Ukrainian girl killed. We weep when we see Russian and Ukrainian soldiers killed.

In our labor camp, women from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Russia lived together, struggled together, and shared their last piece of bread. All people can and should live in peace, and fight each other not for lands, but for a better future. All people are someone’s children. Fight against the aggressive war for the future of your children!

- Tatiana Osipova (Koveleva), Lidiya Doronina-Lasmane, Lagle Parek

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