The approval of a building permit to build the long-planned Building for the Future of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia has been put on hold by the Riga City Development Department. It has granted the Building Board an extension until May 2016 to decide whether a building permit will be issued. It seems that a last-minute protest against the long-approved project by a group of Latvian architects is at the root of the delay.

In the permanent location of the Occupation Museum of Latvia, Latviešu strēlnieku laukums 1, the exposition completed in 1998 is gradually being dismantled in preparation for the reconstruction of the building. For the time period before the start of construction two new temporary exhibitions have been prepared: “Freedom for the Baltic States”

In the summer of 1944, military forces of the Soviet Union invaded Nazi Germany occupied Latvia. It prompted thousands of Latvians to seek shelter abroad. By the end of the Second World War in Europe (May 1945) about 200 000 inhabitants had left Latvia. They were refugees, evacuees, forced labourers, concentration camp inmates and soldiers.

The Museum offers guided tours of the basement prison cells and exhibition about the history of KGB activities in Latvia during Soviet occupation.