19 sep 2019 Starptautiskā konference “Pēckara bruņotā pretošanās Baltijas valstīs un Polijā: Cīņa par brīvību”
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Projekta ietvaros izsludinām konkursu par angļu valodas tekstu rediģēšanu

2013. gada 26. marts


Project CB36  “Different Nations – Shared Experiences” of the Central Baltic INTERREG IV A 2007-2013 Programme is presently looking for an experienced and professional Specialist English Language Editor.

Deadline: 30 March 2013



The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia and the Unitas Foundation in Estonia are co-jointly managing a project that aims to foster a sense of neighbourliness among the youth of Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Sweden.

Experts from these countries have been developing materials for a touring exhibition and educational/teaching materials for youth in the countries of the Baltic Sea Region. These materials focus on commonalities and differences in history, culture and everyday life.


  • To edit spelling, punctuation, grammar, terminology, jargon, and semantics of translated texts.
  • The planned amount of work consists of approximately 100 A4 pages to be divided into smaller units during the contract period.  The compensation will be based on 1800 characters with spaces being defined as one page.
  • It is expected that the editing work will be completed by 31 July 2013.


  • Previous professional experience in copy-editing, proofreading: minimum 5 years
  • The candidate must be bilingual in English/Latvian. S/he must be comfortably fluent in Latvian – close to native language speaker level – and must be competitive in the English language at Native English level.


  • The selection criteria will take into consideration the lowest price per page as well as the applicant’s previous professional specialist experience in editing and proofreading texts of a historical nature.

Applicants must forward a Cover Letter and CV together with an overview of recent experience in editing and proofreading and a sample of their most recent work. An indication of expected remuneration [net] per page of edited text on the basis: 1 page = 1800 characters with spaces must also be included in the submission.


All applications must be submitted by e-mail only to andris.sillers@omf.lv.

Deadline: 30 March 2013

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