The time and energy given by volunteers to the Museum is truly priceless. Volunteers contribute to the work of the Museum in many different ways, from engaging with visitors, to supporting the work of the Museum’s departments.

Vaira ZiedarsVaira Ziedars from Melbourne, Australia: "My time at the Museum has been very enjoyable. I have broadened my language abilities and feel more confident in the face of language barriers. I have had the chance to meet people from all over the world and enlighten them about Latvias dark past. I now understand that Latvias 20th century history is very complex and that a peaceful future can only be determined by the choices we make today."

Ron Hellfritzsch from Jena, Germany: "The time I spend at the Museum was really interesting and instructive. I had the possibility to practice and broaden my language skills especialy in Latvian. For me as a student of history sciences it was a useful experience to get an impression how a complex and emotional topic like the occupation of Latvia in the 20 th century is presented and explained to public. Beside that learning about Latvia's past helps to understand actual conflicts in the Baltics."