The Photo Portrait Exhibition “We Returned” Will Soon Open at the Museum

The Photo Portrait Exhibition “We Returned” Will Soon Open at the Museum

2018. gada 21. augusts

On Thursday 23 August, at 14:00, the travelling photo exhibition, "We Returned”, will be opened at the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia (Raiņa Bulvāris 7). The exhibition was created by Jekabpils History Museum and the Jekabpils branch of the Latvian Association of Politically Repressed Persons (LPRA). 

The exhibition consists of 20 portraits by photographer Mētra Štelmahere. They are people from Jekabpils, Koknese, Livani, Ilūkste, Madona, Gulbene, Preiļi, Rezekne and Ludza who managed to return to Latvia after being deported by the Soviets to Siberia, either on 14 June 1941, or 25 March 1949. All the portraits are of people who were children at the time of their arrest or were born in Siberia after the deportation of their parents. They each have their own story; a memory and a special object that reminds them of life in exile or of a memorable day from those years. The viewer can find these items in the photos.

We welcome all who are interested! The exhibition will remain at the museum until the end of September.

The exhibition has been financially supported by the Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.

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