The book “With Dance Shoes in Siberian Snows” available for purchase in the museum

The book “With Dance Shoes in Siberian Snows” available for purchase in the museum

2020. gada 21. jūlijs

The book “With Dance Shoes in Siberian Snows” written by the Member of the European Parliament, former Ambassador and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, Sandra Kalniete, is again available for purchase in the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. The author reveals the tragic events of the history of Latvia and Europe in the 20th century through the personal story of her family, deported to Siberia by the Soviet regime. The book is available for a discount price of 12 euros till the end of August.
Contact the bookshop manager for order details: alise.buligina@omf.lv

“My parents met in Siberia and were married on May 25, 1951. I was born in the village of Togur, Tomsk region, Kolpashevo district on December 22, 1952. Every month my parents had to register twice at the commandant's office – this is how the Soviet Security Agencies made certain that the deportees had not arbitrarily left their designated places of residence. A month after my birth, my father had to register me for the first time – thus also I was destined not to be free. Father and mother did not wish to give any more slaves to the Soviet regime. I have no brothers or sisters. We returned to Latvia on May 30, 1957.”

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