The American Latvian Association have Donated to the Building for the Future

The American Latvian Association have Donated to the Building for the Future

2018. gada 4. oktobris

The American Latvian Association (ALA) have donated 50,000 EUR to the Museum of the Occupation's Building for the Future. The donation ceremony was held on 25 September in the Latvian National Library. The donation was presented to the museum’s director, Gunārs Nāgels, by the Chairman of the ALA, Pēteris Blumbergs.

Blumbergs said: "The Museum of the Occupation is implementing a new construction project, and the country's centenary is the right time to make a large donation. The American Latvian Association has always been a supporter of the Museum of the Occupation. Also, for me personally, it has always been very important and a project that should be supported. "

The museum’s director thanked the ALA for their generous donation and noted that the ALA has regularly supported the museum not only financially but also practically.

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