On Museum Night, Enter the Forest at the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

On Museum Night, Enter the Forest at the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

2018. gada 17. maijs

On Museum Night 2018 the atmosphere of the forest will be brought to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. An exhibition about young people involved in the Latvian National Youth Association, which was organized by the Latvian National Partisan Association in 1945, will be opened. These young people worked with the armed resistance movement by providing them with information, as well as printing and spreading patriotic leaflets with anti-Soviet information.

The night’s events will start at 19:00 with the opening of the artist Vitālijs Donskihs’s art installation "Forest". The piece was inspired by the life of the national partisans and their struggles in the forest.

This exhibition, about young partisans, was created by the museum’s historians Ivars Dimdiņš and Aija Ventaskraste, alongside the artist Edvīns Mednis. Dimdiņš described the idea of the exhibition: “In 1945, after the end of the Second World War, an independent Latvian state did not reemerge. Attempts to regain independence had failed or had been destroyed. However, even after 5 years of bloody occupation, the idea of an independent state was still alive. Cradled in the minds of society was the idea of national resistance; both armed and non-violent. On Museum Night visitors will be able to get closer to the environment of the heroes of this exhibition, passing through the our small forest, whose feel, smell and sound will create the special atmosphere where the spirit and strength of the national resistance grew and was tested.”.

Alongside this new exhibition, visitors will also be able to visit our permanent exhibition and watch museum films relating to partisans. For more information visit our Facebook page. The museum will be open to visitors until 01:00.

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