Daily Guided Tours in English

Daily Guided Tours in English

2016. gada 2. marts

The 14.00 Daily Guided Tour starts at 2:00 PM and takes approximately 1 hour.

Price: €3 per person. 

The tour presents Latvia’s history from the declaration of independence in 1918 up to the effective restoration of independence in 1991 after successive occupations by the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union again. The guide will give you a personalized tour resulting in a more in depth understanding of this period and of its consequences today.

Other news

A “Monument to Freedom” Will Be Built in Zedelgem Dedicated to Prisoners of War – To the Latvian Legionnaires2017. gada 19. septembris
The town of Zedelgem (in Belgium), in cooperation with the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, has decided to erect a monument to Latvian...
The Moving Sand Cinema Film “Through the Eyes of a Child”2017. gada 19. septembris
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The Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta visits the Museum2017. gada 29. augusts
On August 29, the Occupation Museum was visited by Alberto Bertoldi, the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta. The museum's exhibitonn...
New exhibition ”Bessarabians in GULAG” at the Museum2017. gada 25. augusts
The exhibition commemorating the victims of the totalitarian regimes ”Bessarabians in GULAG” contains 130 images and copies...