A Time Capsule with Donors Names will be placed in the Wall of the Building for the Future

A Time Capsule with Donors Names will be placed in the Wall of the Building for the Future

2018. gada 10. septembris

The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia’s project, the Building for the Future, which includes extending the building and creating a new exhibition, has reached its first visible milestone – a time capsule will be placed in the wall between the old and new parts of the building on 13 September. The capsule will contain a message for future generations from the museum and from State Real Estate and the names of those who have donated to the Building for the Future project. 

The museum expresses its deepest gratitude to the Latvian State for the new extension, and to the museum’s donors who have provided financial support for the museum and exhibition’s refurbishment! Hopefully, through this joint effort, the museum will be opened to the public within a few years, offering a new and interesting exhibition.

The construction of the museum building is being managed and organized by State Real Estate PLC. The planned construction costs, which will be covered by public funds, are 5.19 million euros. It is planned that the construction work will be completed by the end of May 2019.

In turn, the museum has taken responsibility for the museum space and exhibition itself, with money donated by the public. The first private donation to develop the Building for the Future project was made back in May 2004, and the first supporter was Ilga Andresson from Canada. The first private organization to donate was the Latvian National Council in Great Britain, in March 2005. Currently, the Building for the Future project has just over 1,000 donors, who have together donated around 2 million euros.

Alongside the list of donors in the capsule, there will be a message from Paulis Lazda, who originally initiated the idea of the museum, and Valters Nollendorfs, Chairman of the Museum of the Occupation Board, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the museum. There will also be a message from State Real Estate PLC

However, nothing will stop with the placing of the capsule. Work on the museum and the exhibition will continue but this still requires funds, and so donations are welcomed. You can support us by donating here

Photo - chairman of the Museum of the Occupation Board, Valters Nollendorfs (in the middle) and museum director Gunārs Nāgels (right) receiving a donation to Building for the Future from the corporation Fraternitas Lataviensis, given by Mārtiņš Gaide (left). 16 September 2016.

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