New Exposition

The reconstructed museum will have a new permanent exhibition, whose first plans and sketches were created in 2008. This will be the most modern exhibit of its kind in the Baltic. Currently intensive work is being done so that the new exhibition can be unveiled in 2015, when Latvia will hold the presidency of the European Union.

The chronological approach of the current exhibition will be preserved in the new exhibition. Visitors will be able to learn what transpired during the fifty year occupation of Latvia: the crimes committed against the Republic of Latvia and its people.

New spatial and multimedia objects will also be constructed for the new exhibition. For example, a model of a Cheka cell from 1940-1941, a deportation train wagon from 1941, a site of the Holocaust, a national partisan bunker, a Gulag zone with a guard tower, a Gulag barrack, a reproduction of a communal flat from the Soviet period, and more. Balcony will significantly improve the flow of visitors. Visitors will be able to look down from the balcony onto the par of the exhibiotion which tells about the long years of occupation and continue to the achievements of Latvia since regaining independence.

The new exhibition will be presented in Latvian, English, German and Russian. Ieva Gundare led the creation of the new exhibition until 2011. Currently, the curator of the exhibition is Ritvars Jansons.

The necessary funds required for the new exhibition have been donated by exile organizations and individuals abroad, and funds from the European Union program “Europe for Citizens.” The development of the new exhibition, is estimated to cost more than 500,000 lats.