Building for the Future

The Museum was founded in 1993 and settled in a Soviet- era building erected to commemorate the Latvian Red Riflemen. In 2001 world-renowned Latvian-American architect Gunnar Birkerts generously designed as a gift the project for reconstruction and expansion of the Museum building. We have entitled this project "The Building for the Future" (Nākotnes Nams). Birkerts believes: "The Brethren Cemetery, the Freedom Monument, and the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia are three symbolically important points in Riga's city plan." He describes his design metaphorically as the progression from the dark past, to the bright present and enlightened future. The Building for the Future will have much improved facilities for visitors, museum staff and a new modern interactive exposition.

After long hesitation, in 2011, the Cabinet of Ministers ordered the building project to proceed and to be completed in 2014. The schematic design has already been approved. In summer 2012 will begin preparation of technical drawings. The building costs will be carried by the state. Interior furnishings, equipment and the new permanent exhibition in greatly expanded Museum will have to be financed from donations. The Museum is currently engaged in a major fund - raising campaign to raise LVL 1 500 000 by 2014. By 2012 over LVL 800 000 has been donated or pleged. The Museum hopes to open the doors of its Building for the Future in 2014.

Your generous support is essential for the Museum and its Building for the Future. Make your donation now!