Education Department

The Education Department of the Museum was founded in 1996. Its main task is to advance learning about the occupation period of Latvia 1940 to 1991. Department organizes student visits at the Museum and in-service training seminars for history teachers. The Department is an essential part of the Museum as well as a significant national institution in the field of history teaching and teacher training.


For students
The Education Department offers visiting students interactive lessons on various topics. The topical approach is important because "running through" the entire Museum in an hour or so is definitely less effective than immersing the students in a single topic. Immersion is especially relevant for students who have not yet studied this period of history. The subjects the Museum presents are quite challenging - students have to take up politics and invariably have to face atrocities of the past - therefore the Department takes every student visit seriously and treats it as an important part of their education.
Often students seek out the Museum for help with their research projects. In other cases, a visit to the Museum or participation in an Education Department organized seminar produces ideas for students' future projects.
To promote students' interest in Latvia's recent history, the Department runs a special website in Latvian. Click here for the Education Department website. The website provides explanations and maps regarding recent history as well as advice on how to analyse sources, how to carry out a historical study and how to write an essay.

For teachers
History teachers are among the most important target groups of the Education Department. To support teachers the Department organises in-service teacher training and produces resource kits. To make teaching more interesting for students, teachers can use the Museum's travelling exhibition.
Teacher seminars and workshops have been held since 1997, when teaching materials on occupation history were first developed. Later the Department organized seminars on topics such as Soviet Deportations, Nazi Occupation, Resistance, etc. The Department schedules methodological seminars for teachers and offers informational seminars for local history teachers about the Museum, and possible formats of student visits.
The Education Department is continues to develop new instructional materials. The first product was a reference book  for schools "Dokumenti liecina" (Documents bear Witness), published in 1999 and, as a result of a special funding drive, distributed to 400 schools in Latvia.

Organise a lesson for your students!
Tours and lessons for students from other countries are organised for each group separately in close cooperation with teachers. To organise a guided tour or a lesson for your students, please, contact Education Department ip [at] omf [dot] lv Phone: +371 67 211 030.

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia participates in a project „Espousal of united understanding about 20th century history”

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia participates in a project „Espousal of united understanding about 20th century history”. Output of the project is supported by Society Integration foundation and financial support for implementation is provided by European Economic Area (Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway).
Aim of this project is to promote mutual integration between Latvians and minorities on the basis of united understanding of 20th century history, learning about the positive role of minorities in history of Latvia in 20th century. To put it into practice a history overview will be created, which will allow pupil and others to get acquainted with history of Latvia in 20th century. It will be supplemented by methodic aid with which teachers will be introduced in special seminars.
Already, Museum of barricades of 1991 is organizing several activities for high school students. In January of next year high school students will have the opportunity to take part in thematic historical reconstruction games „Time of barricades” and „Christmas battles”. During these games pupil will get acquainted with the complicated events of 20th century Latvia by solving different intellectual and physical tasks.
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